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Renters Reference of Florida

Founded in 1979, Renters Reference of Florida has been focused on serving the needs of Home Owners Associations and Condominium Owner Associations in Florida.

More thorough than a cheap database search

Since the start, Renters Reference of Florida has gone beyond the offerings of our competitors. We verify the telephone number supplied for the previous landlord against both property ownership records and phone number (public & non-public) records. We also provide character and employer references to provide you a more complete picture of your new neighbor.

References from around the world

On a daily basis we obtain information on applicants from Canada, Latin America and Europe. In addition to English, we have Spanish and French speakers on staff to ensure we obtain the most complete & accurate information available.

Based in South Florida

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Located in the middle of the
Ft. Lauderdale - Miami metroplex, Renters Reference of Florida is keyed into the local issues affecting HOAs and COAs.

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