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Applicant Information

Customer resources

Customer qualification

Due to limitations on access to data sources customers generally need to be organizations in good standing with their home state. All background screenings are performed on the basis of a release form signed by the subject of the background screening. We do not perform self requested background screenings, or screenings on spouses, potential spouses, or the like.

Policy on cancelled orders

Applicant Information will attempt to cancel any work request. However, by the nature of the services we provide, many of the searches requested are completed instantly. Cancellations are made on a best effort basis. When you place an order, you should expect to pay full amount due for what was ordered.


For some services Applicant Information needs a specific form to complete the requested search. Some of the more common forms are listed below:

Canadian Credit Report Informed Consent Form

Florida Online user access form

NY Correction Law Article 23-A (employment employment notification)

International Employment Verification Release Form

International Education Verification Release Form

International Criminal Search Supplementary Information Form

Company Holidays / Scheduled Court Closures

In addition to our scheduled holidays are observed federal & state holidays, which usually result in court closures. Below lists the scheduled court closures, and the specific states affect by each.

2011 Scheduled Court Closures
Holiday Observed Date Closed Day of the week Applicant Information
offices open?
New Years Day (observed) Federal 12/31/10 Friday CLOSED
Lee-Jackson Day Virginia 01/14/11 Friday OPEN
Confederate Memorial Day Texas 01/19/11 Wednesday OPEN
Martin Luther King Day (observed) Federal 01/17/11 Monday OPEN
Lincoln's Birthday Conneciut, Illinois, Missouri,
New Jersey, New York
02/11/11 Friday OPEN
President's Day (observed)   02/21/11 Monday OPEN
Town Meeting Day Vermont 03/01/11 Tuesday OPEN
Casimir Pulaski Day Illinois 03/07/11 Monday OPEN
Mardi Gras
Louisiana, plus parts
of Mississippi & Alabama
03/08/11 Tuesday OPEN
Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day Hawaii 03/25/11 Friday OPEN
Seward Day Alaska 03/28/11 Monday OPEN
César Chávez Day California 03/31/11 Thursday OPEN
Emancipation Day Washington DC 04/15/11 Friday OPEN
Patriots' Day Massachusetts & Maine 04/18/11 Monday OPEN
Confederate Memorial Day Alabama, Florida, Georgia & Mississippi 04/25/11 Monday OPEN
Arbor Day Nebraska 04/29/11 Friday OPEN
Rhode Island Independence Day Rhode Island 05/04/11 Wednesday OPEN
Truman Day Missouri 05/09/11 Monday OPEN
Confederate Memorial Day North Carolina & South Carolina 05/10/11 Tuesday OPEN
Memorial Day Federal 05/30/11 Monday CLOSED
Jefferson Davis Birthday Florida 06/03/11 Friday OPEN
Jefferson Davis Birthday Alabama 06/06/11 Monday OPEN
Kamehameha Day Hawaii 06/10/11 Friday OPEN
West Virginia Day West Virginia 06/20/11 Monday OPEN
Independence Day Federal 07/04/11 Monday CLOSED
Pioneer Day Utah 07/25/11 Monday OPEN
Victory (over Japan) Day Rhode Island 08/08/11 Monday OPEN
Bennington Battle Day Vermont 08/16/11 Tuesday OPEN
Statehood Day Hawaii 08/19/11 Friday OPEN
Labor Day Federal 09/05/11 Monday CLOSED
Columbus Day Federal 10/10/11 Monday OPEN
Alaska Day Alaska 10/18/11 Tuesday OPEN
Nevada Day Nevada 10/28/11 Friday OPEN
Veteran's Day Federal 11/14/11 Friday OPEN
Thanksgiving Day Federal 11/24/11 Thursday CLOSED
Day after Thanksgiving   11/25/11 Friday CLOSED
Christmas Day (observed) Federal 12/26/11 Monday CLOSED




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