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The Applicant Information companies have been around so long, we have a mimeographed copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, provided to us by the Federal Trade Commission staff.

Renters Reference of Florida started in 1979Warren Plant circa 1986

Renters Reference of Florida was founded in 1979 by Warren Plant, a former US Treasury Investigator. The company was started to help condominium and home owners associations screen new neighbors.

Company investigators produced background investigations on typewriters, taking 2-3 weeks to complete a report and return it to our customers via the US mail.

Renters Reference of Florida grew as people flocked to Florida in the 1980s and 1990s.

Employment Research Services started in 1992

Original ERS logoStarted in Dublin, CA as a franchise Employment Research Services of Central California focused on providing pre-employment background screening. The founder William Saling assembled reports assembled by hand, a combination of locally generated information melded with information from the central franchiser.

The franchise relationship dissolved in 1998 with Employment Research Services becoming an independent company. At this point it expanded into providing drug testing services. In 2003 Employment Research Services contributed seed funding to the organization that would later the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

Applicant Information brought them together

Isleen Gimenez Wilson & Dean Wilson acquired Employment Research Services in 2004 and Renters Reference of Florida in 2006. Since that time we have standardized processes and introduced cutting edge technologies to better serve our customers.

Our staff is the real story

The Applicant Information companies' staff is central to our success. original RRFL logo

Our employees have extensive experience in the background screening industry, some with more than 25 years on the job.

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