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Process driven results

The Applicant Information companies provide employers, landlords and non-profit associations with the tools to make informed decisions. Starting in 1979 we have been providing process driven results for customers across the United States. With almost 500,000 investigations completed, the Applicant Information companies have the experience to address your needs.

Consistent Results

The Applicant Information companies have developed systems to enable consistent reporting of factual information on your applicants. We have created several proprietary systems that guide our associates through the complexities of employment laws throughout the United States.

Superior Technology

Our secure systems have been designed to show report updates in realtime. Available around the clock, every day. Your applicant's reports are protected inside a data center than meets or exceed credit card industry standards. The security systems are audited by outside experts on an ongoing basis.

Personalized Customer Service

When you call, one of our experienced associates will answer the phone.We strive to answer your inquiry on the first call. Help is available in French and Spanish in addition to English.


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Does the field trip driving volunteer have a valid driver's license?

Which of the applicants for your apartment has had three previous eviction judgments?

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